SNRSF200 “200th Episode Celebration: Top Ten Episodes”

Here we are, everyone. We’ve made it to 200 episodes. Can you believe it? A few days shy of three years ago, beloved Matt posted the very first episode searching for that extra special cohost that would help him begin Supernatural: The Road So Far.

Thank you to all the listeners who have helped us get here. This is our thanks to you.

Thank you for 200 episodes, and here’s looking forward to the next 200+!

–Samantha and Malik

Send us an email at or leave us a voicemail 888-398-6625. Don’t forget to explore around the site for our social media links. Make sure to spread the word to all your supernatural-loving friends and family. We don’t mind if you internet stalk us!

Season 11 episodes will resume January 22!

SNRSF159 “An Ode to Kripke”

Spoiler Alert! If you are not current with the CW’s Supernatural up through S10 E5 you may want to hold off listening to this podcast until you are, unless you don’t mind being spoiled of events through that episode.

This week Malik and Samantha review Seasons 1-5 in the dedication to Eric Kripke. Send us an email at or leave us a voicemail 888-398-6625. Donít forget to explore around the site for our social media links. We don’t mind if you internet stalk us!

SNRSF100 “100th Ep Extravaganza”

Join Malik and Samantha as they talk Supernatural. There is not an episode rewatch this week. Sam and Malik wanted to do a special, fun episode to celebrate reaching 100 episodes of the podcast. Including listener questions and spoiler talk. Don’t worry there are spoiler alerts

Send us an email at or leave us a voicemail 888-398-6625. Don’t forget to explore around the site for our social media links. We don’t mind if you internet stalk us!


A Very Supernatural Plea

Hey folks! As a thanks for helping us get to 100 episodes Malik and Samantha want to invited you to the 100th episode Skype party. All you need to bring is your unwavering love for Supernatural. Oh, and some submissions. They can be written, voicemail or audio submissions. The quality doesn’t have to be great. If you can record and have iphone ear buds that’s all you need. I am sure there is an android equivalent… I just don’t know what it is. Sorry I am a phoneist.

So send us anything. Questions to get to know your hosts better. Why you love Supernatural. Anything show related we want to hear it.

Thanks for helping us get to 100! LOVE YOU GUYS.

– S

SNRSF Interview with GhostFacers actors Travis Wester and AJ Buckley

We have a special edition episode for you this week. Malik and I were lucky enough to talk to Travis Wester and Aj Buckley – the actors who play Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore, more known as “The Ghostfacers”. We had so much fun interviewing these guys and they couldn’t possibly be nicer. I hope you enjoy! There may be some spoilers about the episode #thinman, so if you are not current with that episode listen at your own risk.

Check out Travis’ book

Watch the Webisodes here

The Ghostfacers meet CAS …

More videos to watch:

We’re doing S9 Podcasts too!

Matt and Samantha have decided to expand to include Season 9 podcasts when Supernatural returns on October 8th, 2013. Have no fear we will keep doing the rewatch – these are just additional podcasts that will be released on Thursdays each week after a new episode airs. Here’s the problem – we won’t be doing clips, only discussion so we need a few segments to be able to discuss. This means we need your help in deciding what sections to do. You can vote multiple times on the poll below so that you can choose multiple segments, and we will include the top 2 voted segments in the podcast. Your vote counts! Also if you have a different idea for what we should do – include it in the comments!

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Auditioning/Interviewing Potential Co-hosts….

Hey everyone.
We’re going to launch soon (hopefully) once we have a couple of co-hosts in place. I would prefer to have a three person panel, but might settle for just one additional host if need be. No discrimination about sex, political views, etc – you just need be a fan of the great show Supernatural!

Interested? Here’s what you need to consider before contacting the podcast about a position on the show:

  • EPISODES AVAILABILITY (THIS IS A RE-WATCH/FIRST-WATCH PODCAST) – this means we will be starting at the VERY beginning (S1/E1) – which means you need to have access to all of S1 (to start), be it netflix (streaming), DVDs, etc.
  • TIME – you are going to need to be available on a weekly basis to record for 1-2 hours, probably in the evening time and on a regular day of the week (which we can determine once we have our peeps in place).
  • PUNCTUALITY! – yes. Real life happens, but you need to be able to stick to the schedule we end up setting (for the most part – except in the case of emergencies or similar situations).
  • EQUIPMENT/SOFTWARE – you need to have a decent microphone or microphone headset (not the one that comes with your laptop or desk top monitor) and you need to have a Skype account. I will take care of the actual recording and editing so you need not worry about any other equipment/software requirements. Oh – obviously you need an internet connection too.
  • OPINIONS and RESPECT! – if an episode is fantastic, or if it sucks, you need to be able to present your opinions on the matter – you also need to be respectful of opinions that differ from your own. We all love this show right? But we may love it for different reasons – and that is the reason to have a discussion about the show in the first place!
  • DEDICATION – I really don’t want to be replacing hosts every 10 or so episodes. While I do understand that somewhere down the line something may happen to make you need to leave – we have now nearly 8 seasons of episodes at 16-24 episodes a season to watch and record about. Doing one episode a week means that if you want to stay in this project through the end, you are making at very least a 3 year commitment.

If you still feel you want to be a host, and can meet all of those requirements listed above, then contact me (Matt) –