Auditioning/Interviewing Potential Co-hosts….

Hey everyone.
We’re going to launch soon (hopefully) once we have a couple of co-hosts in place. I would prefer to have a three person panel, but might settle for just one additional host if need be. No discrimination about sex, political views, etc – you just need be a fan of the great show Supernatural!

Interested? Here’s what you need to consider before contacting the podcast about a position on the show:

  • EPISODES AVAILABILITY (THIS IS A RE-WATCH/FIRST-WATCH PODCAST) – this means we will be starting at the VERY beginning (S1/E1) – which means you need to have access to all of S1 (to start), be it netflix (streaming), DVDs, etc.
  • TIME – you are going to need to be available on a weekly basis to record for 1-2 hours, probably in the evening time and on a regular day of the week (which we can determine once we have our peeps in place).
  • PUNCTUALITY! – yes. Real life happens, but you need to be able to stick to the schedule we end up setting (for the most part – except in the case of emergencies or similar situations).
  • EQUIPMENT/SOFTWARE – you need to have a decent microphone or microphone headset (not the one that comes with your laptop or desk top monitor) and you need to have a Skype account. I will take care of the actual recording and editing so you need not worry about any other equipment/software requirements. Oh – obviously you need an internet connection too.
  • OPINIONS and RESPECT! – if an episode is fantastic, or if it sucks, you need to be able to present your opinions on the matter – you also need to be respectful of opinions that differ from your own. We all love this show right? But we may love it for different reasons – and that is the reason to have a discussion about the show in the first place!
  • DEDICATION – I really don’t want to be replacing hosts every 10 or so episodes. While I do understand that somewhere down the line something may happen to make you need to leave – we have now nearly 8 seasons of episodes at 16-24 episodes a season to watch and record about. Doing one episode a week means that if you want to stay in this project through the end, you are making at very least a 3 year commitment.

If you still feel you want to be a host, and can meet all of those requirements listed above, then contact me (Matt) –