SNRSF067: S9E13 “The Purge”

Spoiler Alert! If you are not current with the CW’s Supernatural up through S9E13 “The Purge” you may want to hold off listening to this podcast until you are, unless you don’t mind being spoiled of events through that episode.

Otherwise Samantha and Malik begin a new regime for the podcast and Matt joins the duo for one last time to talk about the aforementioned episode and relinquish the reins to your new co-hosts. The trio gets Scott’s take and look over your feedback for the same.

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Due to professional obligations and personal obligations this is Matt’s last recorded podcast. He will still appear on two future rewatch podcast episodes that were recorded prior to this recording. Matt would like to thank the entire snroadsofar community for well wishes and thoughts that have been extended to him regarding his departure.