Interview with Karen and Ronen of Legacies: A VR Supernatural Fan Fiction Project

Last week, Samantha and I had the chance to interview the amazing team behind the upcoming virtual reality fan-fiction project, Legacies. Their campaign begins on Halloween (Oct 31) to raise money to fund their project. Their story follows the descendants of Sam and Dean Winchester, Legend and Lore Winchester, as they continue the hunt in the year 2069l

You can follow their Facebook pageInstagram, Twitter, or get updates from Indiegogo, to help with the project. There are some awesome incentives they have going, including some VR headsets, and it suffices to say that we are pumped for the release of this short.

There will be a SN Road So Far raffle for those who do donate to the project. We will give more details next week.

Renderings of Baby both in the field and in the garage.

The Iron-Man/Bloodlust side by side comparison