SNRSF Bonus Episode 9: Christmas Do-Over

No new episode this week, so we’re kicking back and watching a classic. What better way to celebrate the christmas season than with a season classic: A Very Supernatural Christmas~ Instead of our usual method of having you listen to clips, we decided to take a page out of some comedians who have come before and give our genuine commentary and selves to you. All you need is to queue up the episode on Netflix or however you choose to watch it and start when you hear the beep!

We will be back next year with new episodes! Please bear with us as we take the punches with life and our jobs being demanding at the moment. We thank you all for your wonderful support over the past year, old listeners and new. You truly make this show worth all the effort we put into it each week. We can’t wait to continue talking with and getting to know you all in 2018!

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Thank you once again for an amazing 2017!

–Samantha and Malik <3