Win ChiCon Photo Ops here

Hi everyone,

So, if you listened to the podcast Episode for “Breakdown,” you remember us mentioning giving away two free photo ops. We will be giving away a FREE photo-op for Jared Padalecki and one FREE photo-op for Misha Collins in character as Castiel. The Jared op was so generously donated by one of our all-time favorite listeners, Stacy F. Yes, that Stacy. The one you always hear feedback from. She has been a dedicated fan for so long and shows the podcast so much support. We love her dearly. It blows my mind to think she wanted to use the podcast to help her giveaway a free Jared Op. Inspired by her kindness, we decided to donate a Misha as Cas Op as well. So you have two chances to win a Photo Op. This Op is for personal use only. If you win please don’t resell it. That would just be a dick move and Dean would give you his dimples of discontent. 

Stacy feels passionate about animal rescue shelters, I feel passionate about Random Acts, and Misha feels passionate about helping the homeless. Let’s all put the passions to use and help some people (and animals) out during the harsh winter many Americans are having.

Here’s how to enter (hint it’s super easy):

  1. Collect any gently used scarves, hats, gloves, sweaters, warm socks, or Jackets and take to your local homeless shelter. OR hand them out personally. The homeless population, as with most humans, need interaction. You’d be surprised how little kindness is shown to those people struggling with homelessness. If you don’t have anything to donate, donating your time is always helpful, and acceptable for this drawing.
  2. Collect blankets, sheets, pillows, dog beds, unopened food, or any other needed item to a local animal shelter. If you don’t have anything to donate, donating your time is always helpful, and acceptable for this drawing.
  3. Donate to Random Acts of Kindness or the                                     
  4. Surprise us with a meaningful Act of Kindness. This doesn’t have to cost money but has to impact a person in a pretty significant way. As much as we all experience road rage, letting someone in your lane during merging isn’t impactful. But shoveling your elderly neighbor’s sidewalk could make a big impact. You get the idea right?
  5. The only other requirement is being subscribed to the Supernatural The Road So Far Podcast. 

For each item you complete from the above list, you will get entered into the drawing. As much as we want to trust the honor system, there is a lot of money on the line here. So we ask that you take a picture, or video of you doing your act of kindness and sent it to If you want to film the reaction of someone, make sure they are okay with it. If not, take a picture of you and your items at the shelter. You’ve probably done GISHWHES, and you know how this works.

The winner will be announced on the SN Road So Far podcast. Please make sure you are subscribed to the podcast. ScoobyNatural episode airing in March, as well as the Facebook page for the podcast. Entries will be accepted starting now until the date the ScoobyNatural episode airs.

If you have a preference to which op you are entered in, please let us know. For example, you want Jared but already have Misha. Just make sure to state Jared in your email subject line. If you don’t care which op you get, don’t add a preference and you will have a chance to win either.

Make sense? If you have questions please email