Supernatural: The Road So Far is a re-watch podcast dedicated to the hit TV series “Supernatural”, which will start from the very beginning of the series and follow through until it is either caught up or through the series completion .

Samantha: Howdy, all. My name is Samantha. Most people call me Sam, but that can get confusing on this podcast so I just stick with Samantha. Trust me I am not that formal. I started with SNRoadSoFar on the pilot episode. I met Matt on a forum, and I think I won him over for the role of co-host when I asked if he was a “creeper”. I had never recorded a podcast before starting this one. It has been such a fun and excited experience for me. I went from being a mere listener of podcasts to producing them in a little over a year. I am grateful to my teacher and friend Matt for all that he has taught me. About podcasting sure, but mostly about Supernatural. Working with the newest co-host Malik has been a ton of fun. Although it’s challenging not to fangirl out over how attractive this cast can be. Men and Women. I look forward to many more podcasts and hope you stick around for awhile.

Malik: Hola~ I’m the new cohost, filling in the vacant seat left by Matt. I started listening to this podcast during one of my pool cleaning seasons and I got hooked. Before I was recording with Samantha, I was known for my long winded rants and reviews on the episodes in the facebook group. I’m a frequent convention attendee down here in Utah, mostly visiting Anime Salt Lake, Anime Banzai, and Salt Lake Comic Con. I am in fact a cosplayer, and I represent the SPN community as Castiel, with three different versions of him sitting in my closet, ready to wear. Yeah. I put way too much time into making myself look like Misha Collins. Although it was sad to see Matt go, I’m excited to record and get to know everyone in this podcast family.