Feedback Guidelines

The podcast is open to listeners for submissions and feedback of all kinds, good or negative. There are several kinds of ways you can help contribute to the podcast. There are audio submissions, and text submissions.

You can find our public feedback folder in the google drive located here.

Audio Submissions
Several methods are at your disposal to submit audio feedback on the podcast itself or a reviewed episode. An easy option is to call us and leave a voicemail at 1-888-398-6625. Please make sure you are speaking clearly with little to no background noise, and tell us who is calling so we can thank you.
Another great way to submit an audio message, is through a recording on your computer. If this is the case, your audio must be under four (4) minutes to prevent one submission taking up too much time. All clips must be at least 96 kbps. Like voicemail, please make sure that there is little to no background noise. If the quality is not there, we will not include it. Do not feel intimidated that you cannot send a message because there is already feedback of a sort. We love hearing from all our listeners.
Please refrain from excessive swearing. As a general rule, if they say it in the show, it’s alright. But even so, please do not abuse this and cuss every three seconds or so.
Please email an .mp3 of your submission at, with the subject audio submission and episode number it is for. If there is a problem, we will respond back to you and let you know. If the episode is running too long, we may edit your clip, but this is only a last resort option and will try to avoid it.

Text Submissions
Text submissions are our most popular form of feedback. There are a wide variety of options given for you to submit your thoughts. We are all over social media, on google plus, twitter, facebook, all linked for you on this website for easy access. You can leave us feedback there, or send us an email at We ask that spelling and grammar be closely watched so we don’t have to try and decipher your email. For feedback regarding certain episodes, please leave your feedback in the public folder on google where it will be easy for us to find your feedback.